Story Board

Hello guys, for this project it’s very similar to Draw My Life, but instead its about a story. For this project I summarized Pokemon because who doesn’t like POKEMON!?!?! I did mine on pokemon because it was my childhood tv show on Saturdays. I remember waking up really early on Saturday morning just to watch pokemon. This is just a short summary of a very very long series and I hope you won’t hate on the effort I put in to the drawings.


Draw My Life

Hello guys, for this project we did a “Draw My Life” and this is mine. This is just a short summary of my life because I did not want to get into too much detail. I really enjoyed this because I watched a couple Draw My Life on youtube and I really thought it was cool. This is my take on it, I am sorry for the bad drawing, but I tried. I hope you enjoy it because I did.