Story Board

Hello guys, for this project it’s very similar to Draw My Life, but instead its about a story. For this project I summarized Pokemon because who doesn’t like POKEMON!?!?! I did mine on pokemon because it was my childhood tv show on Saturdays. I remember waking up really early on Saturday morning just to watch pokemon. This is just a short summary of a very very long series and I hope you won’t hate on the effort I put in to the drawings.


Draw My Life

Hello guys, for this project we did a “Draw My Life” and this is mine. This is just a short summary of my life because I did not want to get into too much detail. I really enjoyed this because I watched a couple Draw My Life on youtube and I really thought it was cool. This is my take on it, I am sorry for the bad drawing, but I tried. I hope you enjoy it because I did.

Stop Motion

This is my stop motion I worked on for the pass weeks. I really enjoyed this because we got to experience something different to work with. We took many pictures and turned it into a video frames by frames. It was really cool and fun. We also did one for tobacco awareness and that was really fun.

Sack Animate

Hello once again, this is the second part of the project I was stating from the one before. This project is basically another potato sack being animated, but it is not falling. I really enjoyed this, but again the coloring is very time consuming. I am sad to say there isn’t a sequel to this, but who cares on to the next one. I hope the next project will be as fun.

Sack Drop

Hello, this would be my animation of a potato sack dropping. This is something I really enjoyed doing and worked on. This project is similar to falling leaf I did, but this time its a potato sack falling. This is another project that has a second part to it, but all and all I enjoy doing it. This was a simple project but coloring is just time consuming.

Falling Leaf

This project is similar to the brick drop and is also similar to the current one I will be working on. This was a fun project because I have a general idea of how a falling leaf would look like. The hard this about this was how to angle the leaf when it falls. I am looking forward to finish the current one because I enjoy animating these. Hopefully we do more project like these in the future. 😀


For this project we had to make up our own haiku and animate it. I really enjoyed it because I learned how to make a haiku. There were many possible haiku I could of came up with, but I could only choose one. This was a really fun project to do and was easy. I wish I was more creative so I can come up with a better haiku.